New spirits of Japan.

Gin from U.K.,
Vodka from Russia,
Rum from Cuba,
Tequila from Mexico,
and WAPIRITS from Japan

Rich flavor produced by koji and refreshing botanical scent.
Japan’s unique and original sake brewery for the distilled spirits.
Japan’s Cocktail Base Spirits WAPIRITS TUMUGI.

Traditional techniques

Since ancient times in Japan, making sake uses koji. And with craftsmen who expertise in “Parallel multiple fermentation” that proceeds scarification and fermentation simultaneously. Those traditional techniques with knowledge and experiences, rich flavor and gorgeous incense of koji is produced.

JYORYU - single distiller -

Moromi brewed with koji is distilled with a single distiller (pot still).
To preserve the natural flavor of ingredients, the fermented moromi (mash) is distilled only once.

Japanese Botanical

We use Japanese taste botanicals which harvested in Japan. Picked out fresh materials and immersed them in carefully brewed sake and thoroughly extracted the flavor of the material by distilling it again at low temperature.


WAPIRITS TUMUGI is made from pure shochu, which has a rich taste and aroma derived from koji.
Botanical spirits that are extracted carefully at low temperatures.
With traditional techniques and highly selected ingredients, WAPIRITS TUMUGI has fine blend of uniqueness and attraction to the world as Japan’s standard cocktail base.