Double Gold medal winner during the International Spirits Challenge 2020

The product `Wapirits Tumugi’ won the double gold price in the `Other World Spirits’ category during the internationally renowned `International Spirits Challenge 2020’ spirits contest.

About the International Spirits Challenge 2020

The International Spirits Challenge (ISC) is one of the most famous spirits contest in the world. The 25 years of ISC rates, every year, excellent spirits from all around the world and plan rigorous examination. This year, more than 1700 exhibits from almost 70 countries has been registered - Being awarded by ISC has become a goal for Spirits makers.

[Double Gold medal]

Alcohol percentage: 40%
Quantity: 750ml
Price: 1,850
(tax non-included)

WAPIRITS TUMUGIwas created in the traditional and unique Japanese way of brewing sake by using `Koji’.
The `Koji’ reveals a rich flavour and a fresh harmonious botanical aroma.

Therefore, WAPIRITS TUMUGI is the result of a rich climate and the meticulous craftsmanship which provides a new spirit of Japanese origin as a cocktail base.